dresses to make you shine on NYE (pun intended)

Every year around this time I start looking for something to wear for New Year's Eve, find something I love, hem and haw about it for a week, convince myself I'll just wear something I already have, regret it the day before, scramble to find something in a brick and mortar store, fail, and then… Continue reading dresses to make you shine on NYE (pun intended)

plaid christmas pj roundup

1) J.Crew Factory Tartan Flannel Sleep Set. 2) Lanz of Salzburg Cotton Flannel Shirt & Pants Pajamas Set. 3) Brinkley Plaid Flannel Pajama Set. 4) Madewell Buffalo Plaid Flannel Bedtime Pajamas. 5) Old Navy Patterned Flannel Pajama Set. 6) Lauren Ralph Lauren Brushed Twill Pajama Set. 7) Target Perfectly Cozy Flannel Pajama Set. 8) VICTORIA'S… Continue reading plaid christmas pj roundup