my experience with invisalign

It seems like every millienial girl I know is in the same boat I am — we had braces, we wore our retainers religiously for a while, we stopped wearing them religiously, things moved, and it’s annoyed us ever since.

It’s been on my list to look into invisilign/smile direct for about five years. I finally got around to it last year and I’m so glad I did, so I wanted to share my experience in case it’s something any of you are considering.

I had braces for three agonizing years when I was in high school. (my sister had them before me and my parents had to pay hers off before I could get mine.) It was really not fun being 17 with braces, but totally worth it on the other side. I wore my retainers every single night for probably five years, at which point I thought it would be safe to let up a bit. WRONG. My teeth are very crowded and before I had braces my two front ones were crossed over each other, which is what started to happen again. I immediately went back to wearing my retainers all the time which has kept it from getting any worse, but the damage was done. That was in 2013ish, and it’s been driving me nuts ever since (even though everyone else would tell me no one notices but me.)

I debated for a while between going to an orthodontist to get invisalign or doing Smile Direct Club. I decided to go to an orthodontist first to get a quote so I could compare costs and since it ended up being relatively affordable, I went with that option because I wanted to have someone local where I had regular appointments and someone to answer my questions etc. (It’s entirely possible you can get all that with SDC or something similar, I just didn’t look that far into it.) My orthodontist was a bit confused about why I was there and had to look hard to see what I was talking about then pretty much laughed at me, but ultimately said yes he could fix it. He actually recommended that I get a regular wire retainer, which I would’ve had to wear for a shorter time and also would’ve been about half the cost. I considered it, but unfortunately I have to talk a lot and give a lot of presentations for my job, so I feared that I wouldn’t actually wear it and it would just end up being a waste.

One of the reasons I had put this off for so long was that I assumed it would be thousands of dollars, which didn’t end up being the case. I assumed it was more of a flat rate, but the price for invisalign apparently varies based on how many trays you need, and I only needed a few since we were just correcting one thing. This brought the price down significantly, and then my insurance covered half of it and I was able to pay the other half in two installments about a month apart.

I had five trays that I wore for three weeks each, so the whole thing took about four months total. I was worried about having a lisp, but you really do adjust to it pretty quickly — I had a slight one but after a couple of days only I could tell. It’s mildly painful to switch trays and also weirdly a week or so into each tray. Also they tell you at the beginning not to put them in napkins because you’ll accidentally throw them away, to which I obviously thought “puh-lease, I’m an adult I’m not going to accidentally throw it away.” Nope I almost did several times before I learned my lesson.

All in all, a pretty painless experience and totally worth it! If you’re considering it, don’t put it off for five years like I did — it might be easier than you think.

p.s. not sponsored (I wish.)

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