amazon roundup: random useful household items

I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to household items like cleaning supplies, pillows, steamer, etc., which leads to a lot of trial and error. Since it would be a shame to waste all of those extra trips to the post office returning Amazon packages, I thought I’d share the wealth with you all. Here are a few of my favorite random household items from the past year or so:

  1. Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner in French Lavender. This is the best every day cleaner I’ve found. It works really well, it smells amazing, and I feel less like I’m poisoning myself than I do when I use the heavy duty stuff. I still have to deep clean with bleach occasionally, and this doesn’t work well on glass, but for every day counter cleaning and dusting it’s fantastic. I will probably never stop using it so the three-pack makes sense.

2. Fabric Shaver (de-piller). This thing changed my life. I HATE when sweaters pill (pil?). In the past, once that happened I would pretty much just get rid of them. This thing takes the pills right off and they look new again. Also, it’s oddly satisfying. $9.99 well spent I’d say.

3. Industrial Strength Magnetic Pushpins. Another thing I hate? Trying to get one wimpy magnet to hold the grocery list, the seven save-the-dates, two wedding invites, and that outdated Polaroid picture. You pick one up and another one falls. Well, I got tired of it and complained a lot and then Colin ordered these and now all my magnet woes are behind me. They’re strong but easy to grip, not obnoxious looking, and there are enough to go around.

4. Puredown® Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow Inserts. According to my betrothed, I am obsessed with pillows. Whether this is true is neither here nor there, because although he protested me buying these to replace our flat three-year-old TJ Maxx ones, he had to admit once we slept on them that he was in the wrong. They are fluffy but not too fluffy, they conform to your head but not too much, firm but not too firm…I could go on. I’ll be replacing the rest of the pillows in our house with these too.

5. Rowenta Handheld Steamer (1500 watt). This is larger and pricier than the normal travel-sized steamer, but it actually works so it’s well worth the trade-off imho. Steams really well, easy to use and refill, and has held up well over time.

6. Method Naturally Derived Odor Eliminating Kitchen Hand Wash in Lemon Grass. I was taught growing up that garlic is life and you can never have too much of it, and I stand by that. Unfortunately, the smell after chopping it stays on your hands for like two days no matter how much you wash them. NOT ANYMORE. This really does take garlic/onion/jalapeno etc. smells out of your hands on the first wash. For some reason, I haven’t been able to find it in store in Target lately so I’ve been forced to buy six at once but I’m not mad about it. I haven’t tried the other scents but the lemongrass is fresh and fragrant without being overpowering.

7. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) Upright Vacuum. I love vacuuming more than Monica Geller herself, so I need a vacuum cleaner that can keep up. When I decided to make the investment last year, I agonized over the ultimate question: Shark or Dyson? A real Sophie’s choice. No, the Shark doesn’t look like a fancy spaceship. It doesn’t come in pink. Sure, it has infomercials. But let me tell you, I read a million reviews from several different sites: the Shark was the only conclusion. And I haven’t regretted it one bit. I’ve had zero problems and it works like a dream, even with the absurd amount of pet hair that gathers in our apartment. My only complaint is that it’s a tad heavy, but it’s a small price to pay for how well this thing works, and I think it’s keeping my arms toned.

8. Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste. TIBAL recommended this (if you’re not following her you should be) and said it’s what Cameran Eubanks uses, and she has a sparkling smile so I thought I’d give it a try too. I legit noticed a difference in two days. Not the best tasting toothpaste ever but beauty is pain highness.

9. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It’s astonishingly difficult to find a decent humidifier for a reasonable price. My last one beeped loudly when it ran out of water which wasn’t ideal seeing as I generally only used it when I was asleep. This one works well, is pretty easy to clean, and doesn’t sound like a car alarm going off in the middle of the night. The only downside is that it’s not the easiest to fill up, but apparently when it comes to humidifiers God doesn’t give with both hands.

10. Plush Paws Products Waterproof Pet Seat Cover. When I bought a new car a few months ago I mistakenly thought I could convince Cooper that he would be okay riding in the trunk. Boy was I wrong. He whined for two straight hours and call me a bad dog parent for rewarding his bad behavior but I gave in and bought a good cover for the backseat instead. I like that this one comes in multiple colors. It’s also very sturdy and all of the straps are adjustable so you can actually fit it to your seat (my last one awkwardly hung down and half the seat ended up covered in dog hair.) Cooper is also miffed that he can’t lay his head on the center console so you know that front flap is doing its job.

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