winter coat roundup

I think we’re all in agreement that all of a sudden and without warning, it’s very cold. My winter coat was in the bag to be dry cleaned where it’s been since last spring and I was forced to forego the dry cleaning and dig it out because, brr. I firmly believe every woman should have a good stylish “fancy” winter coat, and there are a ton of them on sale right now so I rounded up a few of my favorites so you can be ready to make your Hallmark Christmas movie debut at ANY MOMENT this holiday season. P.s. most of these come in other colors.

  1. H&M Short Wool-blended Coat. 2. J.Crew Factory City Coat. 3. Old Navy Soft-brushed Funnel-neck Coat. 4. Vince Camuto Hooded Walker Coat. 5. Calvin Klein Faux-leather Trim Asymmetrical Coat. 6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Hooded Coat.

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