holiday decor sneak peek

I am not one of those people that decorates for Christmas the day after Halloween. I absolutely LOVE Christmas, but I also love Thanksgiving and I like to give it it’s own moment. That being said, with holiday decorations seemingly going up earlier and earlier every year, I know that some holiday decor tends to sell out so I wanted to share this early.

I was on the hunt for some flocked garland for a couple of years and unfortunately anything that didn’t look cheap wasn’t cheap…until I found this one from Walmart. It is SO GOOD and only $13 for a nine-foot garland. No one tell my fiancé, but I’m planning on picking up a couple more strands and this matching wreath, and they also have this pre-lit tree that almost makes me want skip the hassle of getting a real one (but just almost.) If ya want it, get it early.

More holiday decor to come…*starts humming All I Want for Christmas is You*

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