trend & true tuesday: t-shirts

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Trend: Band Tees

I’m glad we can now get for $12 at Target what we once had to spend our entire allowance on at concerts. Personally, I have not hopped on the band t-shirt wagon (pun intended), but have seen so many cute looks pairing these with unexpected pieces like maxi skirts or printed pants. My only rule is that you have to know at least one song by the band. I might make my band t-shirt debut with this one, and I also like these: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Metallica.

True: Plain White Tees

In my opinion, the perfect plain white t-shirt is basically a unicorn. How can something so basic have so much variation? Too loose, too long, too short, it’s always something. BUT, when you find the one, it’s so worth it. I love the look of a basic white t-shirt and some worn jeans. Hand me a smartwater and call me Jennifer Aniston. The Madewell tissue tees are my personal favorite, found here and here, but I have heard great things about this one from Target and this one from Nordstrom.

1 thought on “trend & true tuesday: t-shirts”

  1. Hi Gabrielle, I am reaching you here in the comments since I couldn’t find your contact information anywhere on your blog. If you are open to collaborations I’d love to hear from you. It would be awesome if you could get in touch with me directly at and I can give you some details of what I have in mind. Thanks! 🙂


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