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Often when someone asks me about something I’m wearing and I say its’ from Shein, they’ll say “Oh I’ve see things from there but have always been too scared to buy stuff.” Shein for me is hit or miss for me. It can be a great source for trendier items, and some of their stuff is decent quality. On the other hand, some of it you can tell by looking at it that it will fall apart in one wash, and some of it would only fit a toddler. I usually place a big order at the beginning of every season for things that are on trend for that but that I don’t want to invest money in. I’ll get one or maybe two seasons out of most things, but since they’re generally under $20, I don’t feel guilty about it. Here’s my advice for how to weed out the bad from the good:

  1. Read reviews. Sizing can be inconsistent, and the best way I’ve found to order the correct size is to read a bunch of reviews and look at photos that people have posted. There mayyy be some bot reviews, but they’re pretty easy to sift through.
  2. Get the shipping insurance. It’s worth the $2. Usually I’ll end up returning about half of what I bought, and you don’t want to have to worry about things getting lost in the mail.
  3. Order more than you want. Again, I end up returning half of it.
  4. Don’t buy swimsuits. Others might disagree, but all three swimsuits I’ve bought haven’t fit, and you can’t return swimwear (among other things – read the list).
  5. Be picky. Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean you should settle. All of the usual shopping rules in this post still apply.

Here’s what I got in my most recent haul:

Lace Mock Neck Blouse: This is so pretty. It’s decent quality and so versatile. Kept. True to size.

Applique Mesh Button-front Blouse: I love the petal/textured look but didn’t want to invest in anything pricy, so this is perfect. This can be styled in so many ways. Kept. True to size.

Tiered Layer Pleated Skirt: The color of this is so good. It looks pale blue in some light and lavender in others, and I love the tiers and pleats. My only complaint is that the waistband is poorly sewn in so it’s not even all the way around, but it’s minor. Kept. True to size.

Bowtie Neck Organza Blouse: This is pretty, it’s just A LOT. I loved the way it looked but it’s highly unlikely I’ll get CPW out of it and it’s a little itchy. Debated, but ultimately returned. Runs large.

Pearl Beaded Mesh Sleeve Top: This is so cute and it’s decent quality. I got wild and ordered the pink instead of my usual black or white and then regretted it because the pink just didn’t feel like my style. For that reason, returned. True to size.

Suede Single Breasted Solid Skirt: This is cute. The quality is to be expected for the price. I have been looking for a suede (or “suede”) button-up mini-skirt but initially didn’t want to spend a lot of money. However, I liked the look of this so much that I decided to invest in something a little more high-end. Otherwise, would have kept. True to size.

Double-breasted A-line Skirt: The material on this was really thin, and it was a little short for my liking. Runs small, returned.

Raw Trim Tweed Jacket & Skirt Set: This was very cute, but not actually appropriate for me to wear to work. The jacket is very cropped and the skirt is too short. It’s true to size, the proportions just don’t work. Returned.

Happy responsible shopping!

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