trend & true tuesday: heels

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Trend: Acrylic heels.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m obsessed with just about anything acrylic. I have to hold myself back from replacing everything in my home with its acrylic counterpart. I think it’s so chic and I love the minimalist feel of it, and my love for it definitely translates into the lucite shoe trend. With wedding season in full swing, these are the perfect way to add a dash of trendiness into a classic ensemble. I have these in my cart and I’m currently debating whether I can get away with wearing these to work. I love the price tag and added pop of color in these, and there’s a mule option here. Unfortunately, I think this trend is probably not long for this fashion world and in a couple seasons lucite shoes will be back to pageants only again, so get ‘em in while ya can. (Kinda hope I’m wrong on this one though.)

True: Nude pumps.

Is there anything more classic that a simple nude pump? I think not. Anytime I need to feel confident at work, I turn to my nude pumps. They are so understated but also instantly elevate an outfit. If I didn’t destroy work shoes at such an alarming rate, this is one item where I would actually invest in a good designer pair. I have these and I love them. I also previously had these, and if you’re looking for a lower price point, these and these are great options.

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