trend & true tuesday: fall edition

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Trend: Wool Hats.

It is one of my core beliefs that the measure of whether or not you can rock something is whether or not you THINK you can rock it. So it makes me sad when I hear someone say they are not a “hat person.” Anyone can be a hat person! Thankfully, wool brimmed hats have become so trendy lately that I think even non-hat people have been inspired to try them, and I’m all for it. That being said, I think hat styles are pretty much guaranteed to come and go, and the wool fedora style that’s are in right now can get pretty pricey. If you want to make sure you’ll get your CPW, opt for a more affordable option like this one from Amazon. TJ Maxx also almost always has them in stock in the store. This one from UO is a little more of a splurge, but it’s such a pretty color (beware it runs small).

True: Turtlenecks.

If you’re picturing Ross Gellar, hear me out. I’m not saying that every turtleneck ever made is a classic, but if done right, I think a turtleneck looks so classic and sophisticated, particularly in black. Erase Ross and picture Audrey Hepburn instead. Because these never go out of style, this is one area where I think it’s safe to invest in quality fits and fabrics (but if it says dry clean, DRY CLEAN…when will I learn?) I love this one from JCrew and this one from Nordstrom as a more affordable option.

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