amazon roundup

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It seems like amazon fashion is taking over the world, and I’m not mad about it. There’s really something amazing about not having to leave your house to shop but still having what you ordered be here the next day, and when you throw in very reasonable prices it’s hard to resist. Here are a few of my favorite transitional amazon fashion pieces:

Floral Maxi Dress. I hate when I get something and then see it later in a color/print that I like better, and this was one of those times. I have this in a red print but this one is unfortunately better. It’s so fresh and perfect for fall. Runs true to size.

Terry Crewneck Dress. The Daily Ritual line is incredible quality for the price, and I love their neutral basics. This is SO comfortable, but can be dressed up for those times you wanted to stay at home in your sweats but you were forced to attend social events instead. True to size.

Belted Romper. It weirds me out when people call them ‘playsuits’ but this is a very cute basic romper that’s perfect for the fake fall that’s happening now. If you’re between sizes, go up.

Cotton Pullover with side cutouts. I bought this last year and I think my CPW is down to about ten cents. It’s so comfortable, doesn’t pill, and is good thick material but without being too heavy. True to size.

Ruffle-sleeve printed mini-dress. This is very similar to this one that I posted from Nordstrom a couple weeks ago, but at half the price. Size up.

Terry sweatshirt skirt. This sounds weird but I promise it’s SO GOOD. It looks perfect with a chambray button-up. Once again, you look put together but you feel like you’re in sweats. What’s not to love? True to size.

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