it’s like gold dust

When it comes to jewelry, my minimalist nature really shows. I love accessories, but if I’m wearing big pieces or even just too many little ones I feel like Mr. T, so I tend to gravitate toward dainty gold pieces. Of course as a general rule, these come with a high price tag if you want to wear them more than once without your skin turning green. After going through a cycle of buying cheap jewelry from places like Forever21 or H&M (not knocking them, they have their purpose), wearing it twice, then throwing it away when it tarnished and turned me green, I went in search of another solution that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

In my search, I found a couple recommendations for gold fill, which means there is an outer layer of real gold over a brass core.  I bought a couple of pieces on Etsy to test it out and now I’m a true believer – it holds up really well and doesn’t tarnish. I have two necklaces that I wear constantly, and they haven’t worn at all or given me unwanted tattoos.

Obviously, they are slightly pricier than Forever21/H&M etc., but if you’re looking for pieces that you know you’ll wear everyday they are well worth the investment. Plus, you get to support small businesses!

I have this hexagon necklace, this wishbone one, these huggie earrings, and a version of this gold knot ring, and I’ve been coveting this cuff ring and this bar bangle. I have had great experiences with every seller I’ve bought from, but if you have concerns, just read the reviews before you buy.

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