trend & true tuesday: the color white

TREND: White shoes.

Are you even an influencer if you haven’t been sporting white platforms this summer? Heels, slides, sneaks, boots, you name it — white shoes have been all the rage lately. The white shoe trend makes sense given the resurgence of 90’s fashion we’ve seen lately, and I gotta say I don’t hate it. BUT I highly doubt we will see this trend last longer than a couple of seasons, so if you are picking up a pair of blinding white footwear, opt for a lower price tag. I like these basic sneaks, these mod-looking booties, and these simple slide sandals.

TRIED & TRUE: White jeans.

I am overjoyed that we all banded together and decided to ignore the no-white-pants-after-labor-day rule. For one thing, the weather is all over the place and often it’s still blazing hot well into the fall months. For another, white jeans look good in every season. They are so fresh looking and clean (I mean unless they aren’t but there’s bleach for that), and so versatile. I don’t think their reign will end anytime soon. If you are looking for a good quality pair, I have these and these and I love them both.

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