in there swimwear going to the pool

I know I know, it’s almost fall. But 1) it’s not yet (could someone please tell HomeGoods to put away the pumpkins?), and 2) I love a bargain. Whenever I buy stuff out of season because it’s on sale I think of my grandmother hunting through racks of sweaters at Filene’s Basement in the dead of summer and I’m slightly embarrassed but also slightly proud that the gene was clearly passed on to me. But guys, with some stuff IT JUST MAKES SENSE. I always get sweaters on sale in the middle of winter and I always get swimsuits on sale at the very end of the summer. There are plenty of styles of both that are timeless and will look great no matter what trends the following season brings, and I get so excited when I pull something out that I bought and then immediately put away and forgot about because it was out of season. You get to experience that new clothes feeling allll over again — for free.

So while everyone else is craving PSLs and breaking out their scarves and felt hats, I rounded up some of my favorite swimsuits that are in stock and currently on sale at various price points. If you see something you love, you can feel good about getting it because IT’S ECONOMICAL OKAY.

JCrew Factory ruffled one-should one-piece. I have this in two colors already and it’s one of my favorite swimsuits of all time. It’s so flattering and looks good with any accessories (I mean like hats or sunglasses not the giant impractical dangling earrings that cha gurl has on, but to each her own). It’s sold out in a few colors but I LOVE this ‘seacoast blue’ color, and navy and black are always classic. Runs true to size, an you can find it here.

Topshop crinkled belted one-piece. If you want to be the belle of the beach while fielding questions from any older male family members about why a swimsuit would ever need a belt, than this is the swimsuit for you. Haters gon’ hate. You can find it here from Nordstrom. Size up.

H&M high-waisted gingham bandeau bikini. I am praying that this high-waisted trend stays with us because it is so flattering. Unfortunately, the red is sold out and I look terrible in yellow so I’ll have to live vicariously through one of you. You can find this itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie yellow gingham bikini from H&M here and here.

Shein colorblock surplice neck one-piece. Okay this isn’t technically on sale but for $13 it might as well be. Shein is hit or miss when it comes to quality, but this is a hit and I love both color combos. Will it last forever? No. Is it more affordable than some venti Starbucks beverages? Yes. You can find it here.

Lovewave Gizelle bikini. This is somehow classic and edgy at the same time and I love the neutral palette. It is on the pricier side but if it’s your heart’s desire you won’t regret it. You can find it here and here.

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