trend & true tuesday: belts and bags.

First let me say that if you’re here to read about deeper more thoughtful topics, I know I’ve been slacking on those. I have been tackling some tough stuff lately and honestly it is hard to write about, but I promise those are coming.

That being said, fashion makes me very happy and is a big part of my life, and I love sharing it. After my post about careful shopping, someone asked a great follow-up question about what constitutes a trend vs. an investment piece, and it inspired me to do a weekly series of mini-posts about this obviously very important topic. SO, welcome to Trend & True Tuesdays with your host, moi. Every Tuesday, I’ll share one thing that I think is a trendy/short-lived and one item that I think is a tried and true classic/here to stay. If you disagree, I’d love to hear your take in the comments on the blog or on IG.

Without further ado, here are this week’s picks:

TREND: Designer logo belts.

Do you guys remember when Coach signature print was ALL THE RAGE. Yeah, me too. I don’t remember exactly how much Coach bags were in 2005 but in my mind it was a million dollars. I had one teeny tiny one that I bought with some hard-earned baby-sitting money at a factory store and it was my pride and joy for way longer than it should have been (I don’t think I could bring myself to get rid of it until last year even though it was just sitting in my closet for ages.)

Mark my words, the designer belts we’ve been seeing all over the place for the past couple of years are the modern equivalent of my splashy colorful Coach signature wristlet. In general, I tend to stay away from items that feature a brand logo that’s very in your face, and I think we’ve seen in the past that those things tend to blow up fast and then die off. I am here for the trend, but these retail anywhere from about $360 to $800 depending on the brand and style, so even if these hang around for another year or so, there’s no way they are meeting CPW guidelines. There are plenty of decent look-a-likes out there that will do the trick that you won’t still be paying off in two years.

There are a couple of good options here and here. Pro tip: if the holes aren’t where you need them to be, break out the drill and make a new one.

TRIED & TRUE: Leather totes.

I have had my cognac leather tote for about 5 years now and it would be an understatement to say that I’ve gotten my money’s worth. This bag looks good with everything. You can use it for work or school or you can use it as an everyday purse. It fits everything you need to be a full-on Mary Poppins, and it wears amazingly well. The clean lines and cognac leather are elegant but understated, making this bad boy a true classic. Mine is from Madewell, and there are some other equally beautiful and well-made options here and here. If you’re investing in one, make sure that it’s real leather. If you are morally opposed to that, there are also some faux leather options at a lower price point here and here.

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